What is e-Menhir

e-Menhir is a cyber-physical ecosystem for advanced Smart City services development. It is based on IoT (Internet of Things) technologies, integrating sensorization, communications and smart data exploitation, contributing to improve efficiency in municipal services and generate new services and applications.


Maximum savings in operation and management activities for municipal services.

IoT Technology

IoT platform fully adapted to the needs of each municipality, intuitive and easy to use.

Savings / Management

Cost-effective solutions without the need of own servers, services through the cloud, reliable, simple and quick implementation.

e-Menhir Solutions



Smart city solution for real-time management of energy supplies in the city (electricity, water and gas) and advanced monitoring and remote management of street lighting.

Main Benefits:

Up to 75% savings in energy consumption

  • Advanced geolocation system for every supply point and streetlamp of the municipality.
  • Monitoring of consumption in real time.
  • Generation of alarms based on billing irregularities and overconsumption.
  • Custom incident manager, offering different profiles depending on the users or departments.
  • Remote management and advanced programming of public lighting.
  • Universal: capacity to operate with any energy distributor.



Smart City solution for managing parking spaces: The e-Menhir technology enables locating the available free spaces in real time, ensuring their use by authorized vehicles and monitoring / analysing occupancy levels.

Main Benefits

Up to 45% reduction in traffic per parking search

  • Information to the user in real time from different types of devices (panels, totems, mobile app …).
  • Dynamization of parking rates.
  • Improvement of the environment and the image of the municipality / city. Increase of welfare and quality of life of the citizen.
  • Stimulation of local commerce.
  • New advisory service panel for the city council.



Smart City solution for urban and rural waste management: The solution optimizes waste collection routes and schedules based on real-time and historical data, provides predictive analytics to enable decision making ahead of time, and offers consultation on waste bin allocations.

Main Benefits

Up to 60% in cost reduction in municipal waste management

  • Waste bin management and smart control solution for the maintenance and need to empty them.
  • Real-time information on the filling level of trash bins.
  • Alarms in real time: vandalism, fire …
  • Dynamic routing of collection trucks (predictive analytics and route optimization).
  • Generation of alarms in real time: less response time and better service.



Advanced services for interaction with the citizen and the digital tourist.

Main Benefits

All the information of your surroundings, always accessible

  • News and information associated with municipal services.
  • Informative management of leisure, tourism and culture.
  • Real-time information on traffic and urban transport.
  • Suggestions and alerts from citizens.
  • Promotion of local businesses.



Smart City solution for the quantification of acoustic and atmospheric contamination measurement of one or several areas in a region or a city.

Main Benefits

Reduce pollution, increase well-being

  • Optimization of the municipal strategy adapted to the real situation of acoustic pollution in each area.
  • Maximum flexibility and maintenance.
  • Real time alarms and contingency plans to combat critical situations of acoustic and environmental pollution derived for various reasons.
  • Real-time control panel with maximum information transparency.



Smart City solution for monitoring and management of urban parks and gardens in real time.

Main Benefits

Up to 30% savings on maintenance of parks and gardens

  • Environmental monitoring of municipal and garden network.
  • Automation of park irrigation system based on real weather data.
  • Real time alerts based on consumption irregularities and temperature.
  • Real-time classification of anomalous sound and environmental patterns
  • Smart analytics and personalized reporting by defined green area.

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